About Snuggle

About Snuggle

Since 1985

Since 1985, Snuggle® has been making the world a softer place with our fabric softeners. We believe acts of love make the biggest difference which is why our consumers add Snuggle® to their families’ laundry for freshness and softness that will bring more Snuggle-up moments.

The Power of a Snuggle®

We believe the little things in life aren’t so little. Sometimes a hug, a smile, a smell, a touch is all we need. We believe togetherness and connection is the most precious thing we have. Snuggle gives our clothes the noticeable softness, and the look that lasts longer, giving you the comfort you need all day long.

Snuggle® Products

Snuggle® offers unique scents in a variety of forms: liquid, dryer sheets, and scent boosters. Each form gives more Snuggly benefits to each laundry load. Liquid fabric softener helps make your clothes feel softer, smell fresher, and last longer. Fragrance Boosters extend the just washed freshness feeling, letting you enjoy the experience of wearing soft, clean clothes. Dryer Sheets work to help control static cling, reduce wrinkles, soften and freshen your clothes, giving you more time for family fun!