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Snuggle® Fabric Softeners


Snuggle® liquid fabric softener makes your clothes feel soft, inviting more Snuggle® up moments. While keeping your clothes soft and cuddly, Snuggle® protects clothing fibers to make them last longer*. Fabric softener coats and softeners fibers in fabric to make them feel soft. Add Snuggle® fabric softeners during the washing part of your laundry cycle and enjoy the snuggly softness.

Snuggle® Cuddle-Up Fresh

Experience snuggly moments every day with Snuggle® Cuddle-Up Fresh fabric softeners. Keep clothes feeling softer* and stronger*, plus get up to 30 days of freshness**. Take your laundry to another level of fresh with a wide variety of fabric softeners, dryer sheets, and scent beads and shakes to choose from.

  • Snuggle® Ultra Cuddle-Up Fresh®

Snuggle® Free & Soft™

Snuggle® Free & Soft™ fabric softeners are specially formulated for sensitive skin, free of perfumes and clear of dyes. Enjoy dermatologist recommended Free & Soft™ with a hypoallergenic fresh scent.

  • Snuggle® Free & Soft™

What is fabric softener?

Fabric softener is a laundry product that softens and freshens your clothes and linens. Fabric softener is added to the washing machine during the rinse cycle of the laundry process. It coats the fibers of your fabrics with a layer of softening agents, leaving your clothes feeling smooth, fluffy, and smelling amazing.

What is high-efficiency fabric softener?

High-efficiency fabric softener is specifically formulated for use in high-efficiency washing machines. These machines use less water and energy than traditional washers, so high-efficiency fabric softeners are designed to be more concentrated, ensuring that you get the same softening and freshening benefits with less product.

Is Snuggle fabric conditioner the same as fabric softener?

No, there is no real difference between fabric softener and fabric conditioner. Some brands use the term "fabric conditioner" to describe their softening products, while others, like Snuggle®, use "fabric softener." Regardless of the name, both products are designed to make your fabrics feel and smell amazing.

Can you use Snuggle fabric softener as detergent?

Fabric softener and detergent are two different laundry products with different purposes. While detergent is designed to clean your clothes and remove dirt, stains, and odors, fabric softener is designed to soften and freshen your clothes and linens. Fabric softener works by coating the fibers of your fabrics with a layer of softening agents. Both products are used during the washing cycle of the laundry process.

Is Snuggle® fabric oftener also a laundry detergent?

Snuggle® fabric softener is not a laundry detergent and should be used in addition to detergent. Use Snuggle® products to soften and freshen your laundry during the washing and drying processes.

Are scent boosters the same as fabric softener?

While fabric softeners have been around for quite some time, scent boosters are a newer addition to the laundry aisle. Unlike fabric softeners, which are designed to soften clothes and reduce static cling, scent boosters are solely focused on infusing your laundry with a long-lasting, pleasant scent that can last for weeks. Try using our scent boosters along with our fabric softeners and detergents for the ultimate laundry experience.

Benefits of Fabric Softener

Softest Bath Towels

Softer Clothes

Fabric softener helps make your clothes feel noticeably softer*, especially on laundry items like sheets and linens. Consider it conditioner for your clothes.

Clean, Fresh Smelling Clothes Straight Out the Dryer

More Freshness

Fabric softener extends that "just-washed" freshness feeling, letting you enjoy the experience of wearing clean clothes and sleeping in fresh, soft linens longer*.

Ironing Wrinkled Clothes

Less Wrinkles

Liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets can help reduce wrinkles in your clothes. That means less time spent ironing and more time for family fun!

Static Shock from Touching Shirt

Dryer Sheets & Static Cling Reduction

Dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener can reduce static cling and unwanted shock caused by your dryer by neutralizing the negatively charged particles in fabric.

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